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In Izhevsk in 2010 organized and operates Udmurtskoye branch "of the International Union of collectors." Center of social organization is located in Samara.

This site was created with the support of collectors, members of the Udmurt branch "of the International Union of collectors." Collectors regional department - enthusiasts, people with an active lifestyle, the proponents of studying Russian history and the initiation of young people to the Russian heritage.

Despite the different ages, experiences and activities, they are united by a common interest in research, development of continuity in the study of historical material. Area of collecting, mainly objects are numismatics, philately and faleristics. At the regular meetings of our regional branch address issues of thematic exhibitions, interaction with other social organizations discussed future projects of their own publications and new editions in the thematic areas.

Members of the Udmurt branch have the opportunity to take part in the annual cruise on the Volga, which organizes forums collectors CIS countries. Good relations with collectors and Udmurtia developed with colleagues from Perm.

Site Administrator publishes regularly information posted thematic collections and publishing representatives of the Udmurt branch of the "International Union of collectors." In cooperation invite everyone to submit articles on numismatics and faleristics for posting on the site. Communication via Contact. The file format can be any.

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