A collection of foreign coins around the world

The Story of a Collector

5 kopeck 1836 tsarist coins

On these pages you can see a collection of coins. It began collecting coins during the summer vacation in 2009. This coin was given to him that lucky and had money. Coin found in the apiary, during the landing of apple. Copper coin in Figure 5 cents royal in 1836. It was the first coin in his collection.

During the holiday was in search of the rare instances of the icons, thanks to his collection along the way had this coin Nicaragua . So he began collecting - numismatics!

Coin Nikaragua

Tips for beginners to collectors of coins

Coin collecting is best to start with metal coins of your country, currently available in circulation. For example, commemorative coins in denominations of 10 rubles, bimetal, issued in 2000-2010. To date, I, for example, we know such a collection collecting school children and adults. The theme of commemorative coins has been widely discussed in various fora on numismatics and more.

His collection can extend the coins that are already out of circulation. For example, a coin of the former Soviet Union, which are found in many homes of our relatives and friends. Novice collectors - collecting coins coin collectors can, for example, over the years and face value. They can buy them in the community of numismatists of the city or in antique stores. Then you can expand your coin collection of the former CIS countries. Such coins may be similar to the dignity and appearance, yet in every country there are the coins characteristics. Over time, your passion will grow in the hobby and pastime. Ctanete more selective. Decide what to collect. For example, a silver coin of the young republic of the RSFSR from 1921 to 1932. Fill up your collection of interesting and rare specimens.

In this section, numismatic coins will find a detailed description of the different continents of the world. Detailed description of the monetary system, the history of creation, issuance, the date of approval of the monetary unit of the country. The detailed description of some of the coins, coin style performance, geometric shapes. History of coins and monetary systems of the countries represented in the pages of this section, numismatics, can enhance their knowledge and broaden my horizons for everyone.