Collection of badges and awards of the USSR

The history of badges

Takes us away from the current day. The badges do not appear in Soviet times, as many believe. And not even in Tsarist Russia. The badges have appeared in the ancient world before our era. The earliest signs were found among the ancient people who have not represented the Society, and the herd. They lived in houses constructed from animal skins, had their own customs and rituals. Why were designed badge?Badge library Lenin

Once upon a time, many years before our era, people began to share in class and rank. This was the first seeds of modern society. As a rule of customary tribe there were two people: the chief and shaman.

Both were untouchable and very respectable people. These people felt the need to provide a visual of the total mass of the like. In those days, of course, is not able to make such badges as they are now. However, even if they existed, just look a little different. The leaders could stand, decorating the body of an animal's skin. Shamans often wore necklaces and bracelets. Staves, footwear, headgear, all these differences have served as symbols of the ancient tribes.

Developed a civilization evolved people have developed technology. And the system of differences, of course, become more complicated.

Especially in this plan succeeded Ancient Rome. There exist a number of awards and decorations, which were given to outstanding people. For example, wreaths and crowns battered bravest legionaries, who showed themselves in combat nimble, resourceful, fearless. Sometimes the honor of being awarded awarded an integer division. In addition to wreaths and crowns were the types of rewards like bracelets, chains. A special award was considered a spear tipped with a battle. The lucky ones who got it so rewarding, became a lover of the public. But the most honorable award was phaleras. These are special badges that represented the large medallions. They portrayed the Medusa, Mars, or the muzzle of some beast. Often, the lion.

In modern times, in medieval Europe, there is another kind of insignia, called "the Order". These badges were awarded only to members of the military-religious communities. First, such orders were sewn onto clothing and took the form of crosses. Subsequently, the cross has improved, becoming metallic. Then, near the cross there was a star. Together they formed the "signs of the Order."