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Web site created by a group of creative collectors to support communications with collectors on the Internet. The structure of our society includes 15 people for various kinds of kollektsionerovaniya: faleristics, numismatics, philately, and other company in our city is a branch of the "International Union of collectors".

Star VMF
Signs of the Soviet Armed Forces 1918-1991 years

Badges of the Soviet Armed Forces came together to form themselves Sun.

Badge atheletic
Sun Signs of physical and sporting excellence

At all times the existence of the Armed Forces one of the most important elements of combat training of the soldiers was to improve their physical abilities and psychological stability, self-confidence...

Sign Young friend Avtodora
Articles about the icons

In this section of the article about the icons dobrovalnyh societies 30s.

Medal for mercy
Notes Collector

This section is dedicated to collectors who are interested in the history of unusual awards, as well as foreign, ancient and various other awards. You can read the ancient legend of George Gergiev and the history of the Order of St. Anne.

Petr 1
Awards in Russia

Awards for Peter 1, in Tsarist Russia, modern awards and medals of Russia.

Commemorative book, gift and investment coins
Coins of Russia

The section draws on information provided by an active researcher in the history of the coinage of Russia, who is the author of several publications and books, "Memorable, gifts and investment coins of Russia 1757-2006."

The unique gold coin

A gold coin dedicated to the assassination of Caesar exhibited in the British Museum on March 15. And 2054 years ago was killed by a great K.Yu.Tsezar. Put it borrowed coin collector Museum.
The obverse depicts Brutus, close to Caesar, depicted on the reverse of daggers and pilus - a headdress, symbolizing a free man.

After minting coins in the hole made in order to carry it around the neck to one of the conspirators.
60 of these coins, but the uniqueness is that it - gold. And only 2 coins of gold, and experts believe that the second coin is a fake. That means in the British Museum coin is unique!

In Chile, minted coins with a mistake in the name of the country

National Bank of Chile with an error coin minted in the name of the country.
50 pesos coin was minted in 2008 and were released into circulation. However, an unfortunate mistake was discovered a year later.
The reverse was minted in place CHILE CHIIE. Been withdrawn from circulation thousands of coins. And for the remaining population have already started to hunt coins coin collectors!
People, as reported by the media, refusing to take the little thing into the pot, hoping that because of the excitement of their price will rise by several times!
Error cost of the Chilean chapter of the National Bank Gregorio Iniguezu and several managers.

Russia 10 rubles coin has a small

On October 1, 2009 the Bank of Russia issued a new coin of 10 rubles. This coin until 2012 to completely replace unprofitable ten-dollar bill. Unexpected was the coin design, especially its diameter - 22 mm. The new gold piece was not only less than a five-ruble coin (25 mm), but even dvuhrublevika (23 mm).

In Germany, the release of the gold coin

In Germany, released a huge gold coin from the highest, 999-D, of the sample. It will weigh 104 kg and will be the largest in the world. It rapped all in 3 copies. Price coins will be almost € 3milliona. And the price may rise after the restoration of the value of gold. The reverse will depict the Brandenburg Gate - the symbol of freedom.

Users in Vancouver: the prestige of the country for someone, for someone - coin

Today has become known "value" of the upcoming Winter Olympic medals 2010 in Vancouver. Thus, the Russians will be able to get a medal prize sum is three times higher than at the Olympics in Turin. Thus, the government intends to reward athletes for the Olympic gold medal prize of 100 thousand euros (in rubles), with the silver - 60,000 euros and a bronze - 40 000 euros. At the same time prize winners of the Paralympic Games will increase compared with Turin at once in 30 times.
Additional prizes are ready to provide the federation of individual sports, as well as regions. According to news agencies, significantly increase the amount of prize money in China, but the specific amounts have not been disclosed. In the U.S., the prize for the last time the prize was increased more than a quarter of a century ago. As long as they remain at a level of 10 to 25 thousand dollars, although the London Olympics in 2012 they promised to immediately increase by 10 times. In Canada, this year also agreed to pay the prize for the first time, but not higher than in neighboring States.
In the former Soviet Union are willing to pay significant prize money to their Olympic athletes, for example, in Kazakhstan (for gold - just $ 250 thousand), Ukraine (140 thousand dollars for gold), Estonia (100 thousand euros in the first place). However, many countries are still essentially pay nothing for Olympic victory, considering that the protection of the state sports honor - in itself a very prestigious. This position is shared by, say, Norway, North Korea, Sweden, New Zealand.

National Museum of the UR name Kuzebaya Gerd
National Museum

The section devoted to the 305th anniversary of the ruble silver and copper pennies.

Museum "Izhmash"

Section c biographies fellow awarded with various orders

Desk medal

Table medals on various anniversaries and outstanding people.