Shredding and recycling Fort Collins, CO

Who needs it?

According to the law, this is necessary for manufacturing enterprises, hypermarkets and shops, food warehouses. The shredding fort collins co service is used by publishing houses, libraries, large and small companies, warehouses, shops, logistics companies, catering establishments and others. Any enterprises and companies that use paper document flow, cardboard packaging, work with periodicals and books need to recycle paper and books. Stages of recycling paper waste The company's specialists come at a predetermined time and perform all the necessary work, including waste collection, removal and loading into special vehicles, transportation of garbage to the place of processing, sorting, removal of impurities (films, paper clips, plastic elements), disposal. The company works strictly under the contract and provide a full set of reporting documents, which can be delivering to you by a courier after the processing is completed.


The company offers paper recycling on favorable terms. It guarantees affordable prices; prompt execution of orders; strict compliance with the law; services of a personal manager; convenient payment methods. Why is it convenient? We work with any volume. No matter how much paper you need to recycle, there is an option for every volume. You do not need to worry about paper collection and recycling. We make export promptly and on time. Convenient payment method. Cash and bank transfer is possible, as well as payment after the service is completed. We will provide contracts and disposal certificates. A responsible courier can bring the documents and there is no need to go to our office for them. All document shredding fort collins colorado processing works are caring out in compliance with all legal norms and requirements for the technological process. We handle waste of any hazard class, ensuring proper collection, transportation, recycling or disposal. This allows our partners to be sure that they will not have any problems with the law and all obligations will be fulfilled in full and in accordance with the terms of the contract. All the equipment we use is regularly maintained and is in good working order. There is also special equipment. Thanks to which we can take on the most difficult orders. We are looking for an individual approach when working with each project in order to ensure the optimal ratio of quality and cost of services. If you are our regular customer, you have a personal manager. Moreover, the more we cooperate, the better conditions we can offer you. And for regular customers there are special conditions of cooperation.

Why is it necessary?

Paper makes up 40% of all waste. The paper can be taken to a landfill and left to rot there, clogging up the environment. On the other hand, you can do it differently - use waste paper in the production of secondary products. Recycling office paper, books and packaging after paper shredding fort collins colorado significantly reduces the load on landfills, allows you to preserve the forest and get better quality recyclable materials, which are not inferior to the primary. Recycled paper used for the production of packaging, wrapping sheets, boxes, books, and some building materials. The use of waste paper can significantly save wood and reduce deforestation. Moreover, it will save water, electricity and other natural resources.