Venezuela coins Bolivar - the national currency

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Money units in Venezuela:

Bolivar (Bs.F, VEB) = 100 centimos.

Circulating bank notes = 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 2 bolivar

Nominal value of the coins in address = 50, 25, 12,5, 10, 5 and 1 centimos

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Bolivar, money Specific unit of the Venezuela

Bolivar in Venezuela was established in 1879, before him there was another coin of the Venezuelan bolivar Venezolano equal to 5. According to the Latin Monetary Union, he was equal to four and a half grams of pure silver. In 1910 gold was due to the Government of Bolivar institutionalized means of payment. And in 1930 the country has replaced gold on silver. By 1934 the exchange rate was a dollar USA = 3.914 bolivars, but in subsequent years was reduced rate. However, the bolivar was all the years has been a stable currency in the world and recognized. In 2010, Bolivar was tied to the dollar USA officially.

Obverse 50 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2002 Reverse 50 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2002 50 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2002
Obverse 100 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2001 100 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2001 100 Bolivar, Venezuela in 2001

History of the money Venezuela

Currency in Venezuela was made from high quality material, multiple security features are just out of reach of counterfeiters. The government has chosen the right course to protect the money. One unit of money like the people and gained popularity in his country only, is listed on the world financial market. But with the exchange, there are some problems in the country there is the dollar and the euro.

Venezuela's Currency interesting and original, it is similar in size and color shades of the euro, that is bright and beautiful, like the euro. The size of banknotes more than the euro, the design is interesting and cleverly designed, it is surprising for its vivid and interesting pictures. The obverse of the banknote portraits of political figures, and on the reverse of attractions and cultural values.

As a result, money is acceptable, beautiful, interesting and original. The system of safety features one of the most secure and reliable. Travel industry is developing very rapidly and the development of great benefit the country. Currency exchange in the numerous exchange offices.