Aruba coins, the development of the national currency

Blazon Aruba
Money units:

Aruba florin (guilder, international designation - AWG, inwardly country - Afl) = 100 cent
100 RUB = 5.82 AWG
1 USD = 1.79 AWG
Flag Aruba

Obverse 50 cents Aruba 2008 Reverse 50 cents Aruba 2008

50 cent Aruba 2008 year

The Central Bank of Aruba, Golladsky Royal Mint

The history of money in Aruba

Currency used in Aruba in other countries, their own long nebylo. Making money was entirely in Canada, ie design and safety features. She then brought into the country began to be used at the same time completely foreign removed and banned. The new currency was a weak design bright, but still she had bolschoy success in Aruba, but outside of the country Nestan popular, as a result.

The currency of Aruba survives unmodified. The money supply has nearly the same size and constructed in red. Shown on the bills politicians. At the nominal value of bills by large numbers. There was a weak design, but elements of the defense was sufficient, and that means nebylo counterfeiters. Currency was safe. The image of nature on the bills makes it more spicy.

Money Aruba convertible and traded on the world financial market. Favored in the country is developing tourist industry. There are many attractions and cultural values.

In the country there are many ATMs in the course of credit cards and debit cards. In the country of Aruba lower taxes and duties.