Ecuador coins sucre - the national currency

Blazon Ecuador

Money units:

the national currency U.S. dollar (US$) = 100 cents (centavos)

1 Sucre = 100 centavos
International designation: S

Flag Ecuador


10 centavos 2000 year Ecuador reverse 10 centavos 2000 year Ecuador

10 centavos 2000 year Ecuador

History of the money Ecuador

U.S. Dollar (USD) / Rouble (RUB)
100 RUB = 3.27 USD
1 USD = 30.58 RUB
U.S. Dollar (USD) / Euro (EUR)
1 EUR = 1.31 USD
10 USD = 7.62 EUR

Thanks to the tourism business has become a local currency is stable and began to develop very early. Accordingly, the monetary system came too early. Coins minted throughout the country and neighboring countries used currency of Ecuador. It is time the government has decided to improve the monetary system began to develop a unified and national currency. Development took place a long time, and the country appeared stable currency. Performed in the original style with good security. Was successful in the country and beyond. However, inflation has eroded the monetary system and currency failed.

The government tried to remedy the situation by adding notes to a large nominal value, but it is irreparable situation. In a short time created a new currency, having presentable, with good security features. To date, the currency is not as stable as we would like, therefore, a country completely abandoned it.

One unit of money with a classic design, safety features effectively chosen, it makes the currency of the original and protected. On the front side of the political figures depicted on the reverse side attractions of Ecuador. One unit of nominal value of money is on both sides of bank notes, currency classic painting, and original artwork.

Ecuador tourist country, so the country through tourism is a good profit.