Cayman Islands coins development money

Cayman Islands Coat of Arms

Money units: Dollar Kaymanovyh island (KYD; CI$) = 100 cent.

100 RUB = 2.68 KYD
10 USD = 8.11 KYD

Flag Kaymanovy island


Obverse 1 cent 1987 Cayman Islands 1 cent 1987 Cayman Islands 1 cent 1987 Cayman Islands

The History of Money Cayman Islands

The history of money the Cayman Islands is interesting. The country enjoyed a foreign currency. Over time, made a decree that there will be only the national currency, which is produced in only one mint. Banknotes appeared later, due to the fact that the coins used by other countries has become necessary to create a monetary system.

The monetary system was designed well, but security features are weak. Therefore, there were counterfeit money. Came the need to modify the currency, it had more security features. Currencies became popular outside the country and is listed on the world currency market.

The obverse of the notes on the reverse of the political leaders of banknotes sights and nature. The best exchange rate at banks. Have a walking map of Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus.