Badges of the USSR devoted to cultural institutions

Badge USSR museum

Library im. V.I. Lenin, Moscow
Gatchina. Pavilion Hollered
Leningrad. Museum Vladimira Iliicha Lenin
Museum public art. NIIHP
Badge Ordynka 45

About museums and the symbolism of cultural institutions

The origin of the word "museum" came from the Greek "Temple Muse." Museums are studying history, collecting monuments of culture, their storage and display of antiques and more. At first, the word museum is meant by collecting items, and then the building where the objects of history. In the XIX century began research work in museums and in the 60-ies of XX century, an education process for children and adults.

With the development of the Internet and computers, information about cultural institutions are written to disk, place on the site. Propaganda institutions of culture and history, carried out in all the media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and books. This page "icons museum," a kind, too, promotion of cultural monuments - museums in our country. Symbolism dedicated to cultural institutions, most often made of aluminum material with fastening on the pin.