Animals from the Red book on badges

A series of icons - animals from the Red Book of the USSR.
Badge Red book, polar bear
The Badge or white crane. Rare type
The Badge swan. Series badge Red book
Inscription on badge: "The Polar bear. Beregite"
Inscription on badge: "Rare type
Inscription on badge: "The Swan. Beregite"

Red Data Book and Collectibles

In 1963 the first edition of the Red Book, which consisted of two volumes, small edition. The Red Book included a list of rare and endangered flora and fauna. It includes over 100 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds. A copy of the Red Book first circulated an outstanding scholar and the great figures in nature conservation. Updated information, accumulated new, additional sheets and once again sent out the information.

The Red Book was produced "by the International Union for Conservation of Nature," which was established in 1948 to protect wildlife. In addition to the international Red Book, there are regional and national books.

Even when the Soviet Union every schoolchild knew of the existence of the Red Book. Badges of the USSR at that time were manufactured in large quantities. The media widely reported about various animals and plants that were on the verge of extinction, and extinction. Conducted various propaganda of the Red Book in collecting, such as philately, faleristics, phillumeny - collecting matchbox labels. This page lists the badges dedicated to the Red book of the same series. Red Book Badges are made ??from aluminum, with relief, covered with enamel, the rear mounting pin.