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Badge History to Aviations TU-73 1947
Badge History to Aviations ANT-44 1937
Badge History of Aviation TU-73 1947
Badge of Aviation History ANT-44 1937
Badge plane AN-22
Badge plane ANT-9 1929
Badge plane IL-62
Plane AN-22
Plane ANT-9 1929
Plane IL-62

Aviation History and badge

During the Soviet era of scientific and aerospace industrial base has been created in the late 30's. Due to this was an opportunity to produce a large number of aircraft. Before the war, aviation budget was 40% of the military budget of the Soviet Union. By the beginning of the war the production of aircraft in the Soviet Union was one and a half times higher than in Nazi Germany.

This page shows an badge of aviation "TU-73 1947" from the series "History of Aviation." Briefly recall the history of the aircraft ... Until 1947 the Soviet Union tried to create a designer aircraft jet, but not successfully. The cause was weak engines. Over the Tu-73 design work began in 1947, was tasked to create a high-altitude tactical bomber. Design Bureau has created this car, but state tests, the model failed. However Nemenov Model TU-73, depicted in the badge, put in the basis of aircraft, namely the military bomber. Therefore, the model of Tu-73 later appeared on the badge. Series of badges, "Aviation History" in the collection falerista has a worthy place!