OSVOD badge, kollektsionerovanie Soviet badge

Badge Osvod RSFSR Badge "Osvod RSFSR"

OSVOD - Union of Societies of salvation and protection of human life on the waterways. "Soyuzosvod the USSR" - the oldest organization in the country. The first was a precursor OSVOD "Russian society on the waters of salvation," was created in 1871 became the emblem of the Red Cross Society, located on two crossed anchors. The logo - a symbol of salvation and help - is reflected in the badges and labels of society, produced before 1917, after accomplishment of the October Revolution, the case of life on the water was transferred to the state institutions (Glavvod, People's Commissariat). In addition, in areas of the provinces, counties and rural community-based organizations were created to save water.

In the mid-twenties, many rescue organizations have been combined into a single "Community Water Rescue" (OCHA). The first congress of OCHA (May 1928) identified the main principles of the society, approved its emblem and badge. Soviet rescuers chose as their emblem a lifeline, which lies on the two anchors with a hammer and sickle in the middle. By lifeline was the inscription: "On-Water Rescue in the USSR." Member of the society badge repeats its emblem. There are several variants of these badges.

In 1931, OCHA has been transformed into the Union OSVOD - "The Union of Societies to promote water transport and protection of human life on the waterways of the USSR." Changed the badge and member of society. It is a blue-white diamond with a picture of the ship, anchor and lifeline with the words " Soviet Union ". Crowned by a five-pointed star and the diamond under it five large letters "OSVOD." There are various versions of these badges.

In addition to the common badges for the members of society, "OCHA" and "OSVOD" let faleristicheskie and other materials. For example, "For the rescue of drowning", "Vodospasatel," "activist OSVOD the USSR," "Young Osvodovets" Young friend OSVOD ", etc.

The highest award of the pre-war OSVOD was a sign "For Merit". During the Great Patriotic War of 1941 -1945 years. Soviet Union OSVOD was eliminated. In the early seventies by the decision of the Communist Party and Soviet government OSVOD was restored again. There are new badges with the logo of the revived OSVOD.