Military badges of the Soviet Armed Forces

Badges of the Soviet Armed Forces appeared simultaneously with the armed forces. There were several reasons for the release of the Armed Forces badges: the recognition of merit, the narrowness of the state award system, a great experience award system in the old Russian army. Blogodarya substantial reasons in the Soviet Union, namely in the Armed Forces, was adopted by the award system of incentives. In addition, the division commanders of various military spetsialnostyam also become a factor in the emergence of badges in the Soviet period.

Badges and military badges were yavlyatsya bastion of moral incentives for the promotion. The signs are divided into groups:

A. "For the difference in the hostilities" and "for excellence in combat skills," ie, a specific action;
Two. Grupe refer to two characters memorable, they are divided into three groups: "for participation in combat campaigns," "for participating in the exercises, hikes," and "Jubilee"
Three. to the 3 group are qualifications, are divided into physical accomplishments and achievements in the field.

In addition, the badge of the Armed Forces are also signs for the successful completion of military establishments.

badges Guard tyazh.met, enamel, the screw

Sign Warrior-athlete 1 category


The warrior-athlete level 2


badge Thank the Armed Forces of the USSR
Вadge Guard tyazh.met, enamel, the screw
Sign Warrior-athlete 1 category
Sign Warrior-athlete 2 category
Вadge thank the Armed Forces of the USSR

Sign of Excellence in the Air Force

Excellence in the Soviet Army

Grade 2. Soldatskiy SSSR

Grade 3. Soldatskiy SSSR.

Excellence in the Air Force. pin
Excellence in the Soviet Army
Grade 2. Soldier of the USSR
Grade 3. Soldier of the USSR.

Polish military badge

Badge Polish Wzorowy Zolnierz

Badge Polish is written on him Wzorowy Zolnierz, it is translated as "Excellent soldier", it is made from bronze.

Very good condition badge, original twist. In addition the same badge of the silver produced.

Description of badges:
Poland, the 1960-80s. they were awarded the soldiers and sailors. The author served as a site in the late 80's in Poland, and brought him out.

Polish soldiers

Polish Army