Komsomol badges, faleristics in the Komsomol

The badge of the Komsomol

The Badge VLKSM. Screw

Medal 90 years VLKSM
The Badge VLKSM. Stickpin

Komsomol badges in the USSR

The Young Communist League, a political youth organization, who worked under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Komsomol, the only political youth organization, she spent the ideological education of the younger generation. The Komsomol was a reserve and assistant of the CPSU. VKLSKM in 1922, created the political organization of children's pioneers.

Initially, members of the Young Communist League were working and krestyanami later it began to be accepted, all students in secondary schools. For career opportunities to the young man was found in the Komsomol. The Bolshevik Party took full advantage of the Young Communist League for his political activities.

The first Komsomol badges were issued in 1922, with an inscription in the center of the CMM, the Communist Youth International. A sign of the Komsomol appeared only in 1945, and the image of VI Lenin in 1958. Komsomol organization of labor exploits, as well as in the Civil War and World War II was awarded six medals: three Orders of Lenin, Order of Red Banner, Order of Labor Red Banner and the Order of the October Revolution.

During Soviet times, almost all the young people was in this organization, members of the Komsomol Communist Youth had a badge and a ticket. YCL badges were made ??of aluminum or brass, on a pin and twist, with the application of enamel red. Komsomol badges were for the most active members. Also Komsomol badges were devoted to anniversaries, meetings, congresses and other events in the USSR.