Medical badges attributes Soviet times

Badge donor USSR 3 degrees
student of the public health
Badge donor USSR 3 degrees
Otlichniku zdravookhraneniya

Badges dedicated to medicine and to the Red Cross

After the Crimean War, Russian numismatics and faleristics enriched by many memorable characters and tokens devoted to medicine and the Red Cross. However, no direct mention of the Sisters of Mercy on these monuments is not found. It was only during the First World War came a portrait medal with the inscription: "Sister of Mercy." He was released in early 1917 the Russian Society coin collectors (RON). On the front side in the center - a relief portrait of a woman in a traditional sling nurses. On her chest is visible emblem - "Red Cross". At the upper edge of counters, see the inscription in large letters, "the wounded" in the center - "Sister of Mercy." On the reverse side of a laurel wreath, intertwined with decorative ribbon, in seven lines of inscription: "Glory to the Russian woman in her feat 1914-1917. R.O.N. "

The history of the emergence of this token. At the beginning of World War I Russian Society coin collectors for charitable purposes has issued a series of tokens "Russian soldier" that was distributed for a fee to the public and the proceeds from their sale money went to fund the Russian Red Cross. Been making chips in silver and bronze Petrograd firm "A. Jacquard. " Moreover, a variant of token "Russian soldiers" launched with an eye to bear on the tape. Even reading about the Red Cross.

The successful spread of the "Russian soldier" has prompted the Society to release a second token coin collectors - "Sister of Mercy." Of course, the success of the first token was not caused by people's solidarity with the imperialist aims of the war. The vast majority of the population, this acquired token of sympathy for the soldiers - ordinary people, constituted the basis of the entire Russian army. Society knew that the sick and wounded, crippled by war, are left without means of livelihood, become beggars. This is to help the victims of war, and collected the money the Russian Red Cross Society.

Both counters - "Russian soldier" and "Sister of Mercy" - are the best examples of art medal. Draws attention, first of all, how amazing artist subtly written on the portrait of the characteristic features of the Russian people. Looking soldier and a nurse filled with inner peace and spirituality. Portrait and compositional similarity of the two tokens as it emphasizes the common fate of ordinary people in this war.

He created these wonderful tokens famous sculptor - animal painter and medalist Yegor Ivanovich Malyshev. Coming from an ordinary family, the artist has remained true to his people. And this faith in the kindness and warmth embodied in the common man, "Russian soldier" and "Sister of Mercy".