Awards and medals factory «Izhmash»

Medals "Izhmasha"

Medal Veteran labour Izhmash
Medal 1807-1982 Izhmash In honour of 175 anniversary
The Medal in honour of jubilee 150 years Izhevskiy machine-building plant 1807-1957 g.g.
Veteran of Labor Medal Izhmash. Heavy metal, enamel, pin
Izhmash Medal 1807-1982. In honor of 175 anniversary. Heavy, pin
Medal in honor of the anniversary of 150 years of Izhevsk Machine Works 1807-1957 g.g.

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On Veterans labor

The legislative framework of the safeguards system has such lines as regards labor veterans of the Russian Federation:

Labor veterans are persons: an identity, "Veteran of Labor"; awarded orders and medals, or the award honors the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation, or departmental awarded marks of distinction in their work and having work experience required for a pension for old age or seniority, the person who started his career in under-age during the Great Patriotic War and having work experience of at least 40 years for men and 35 years for women. The procedure and conditions for awarding "Veteran of Labor" is defined by laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation. Related reading on the establishment of the medal "Veteran of Labour".

Badge for labour: 1-aya agricultural exhibition USSR and badge Volhovstroy

The reward for work is also an badge is the first agricultural and handicraft exhibition industry of the USSR. It was opened in August 1923 in Moscow, in the present TSPKO them. Maxim Gorky. Has built its entire country. The exhibition was designed to disseminate widely the new shoots in the country and industry. August 15 the capital of six thousand construction workers honored the exhibition. Each was awarded a medal and a special reminder in the form of a diploma. Token is a bronze shield truncated size of 30x40 mm. On the front side a sheaf of wheat ears down. In the center of the emblem of "Hammer and Sickle."

In the background contours of the factory buildings. At the top of a five-pointed star and a semicircle beneath the text: "USSR". In the lower part of the word "Moscow". On the back of tokens in the seven lines of text: "In memory of first-sel. households. and kust.-prom. Exhibition of the USSR. 1923 ". Badge was attached through the eye of the tape or ribbon. There are variations of this badge of smaller size, made of silver. They are intended to be distinguished builders and exhibitors. Badge - one of the first with the designation of the word "Soviet."

Another interesting award in 1926 - the badge "Volkhov". Volkhov hydroelectric deservedly called the brainchild of Vladimir Lenin. It was the first born, Lenin's plan for electrification, the first powerful hydroelectric power plant in the USSR. The official opening took place on its December 19, 1926 Members received a diamond-shaped building with the contours of the badges of the dam and hydropower station building. On the edge of the inscription: "Volkhov. 19.XII. 1926 ". Below - the hammer and sickle, the top - five-pointed star with radiating beams. Badge silver, size 18X28 mm. Covered with white and light blue enamel. Mounting screw.

November 7, 1927 the day of the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution, the solemn laying of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station. The State Historical Museum in Kiev on display an badge in honor of this event. For five years the word "Dnieper" never left the pages of newspapers. Participants in this building, grand in scale and extraordinary heroism of the people who were awarded a special silver badges.