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Badge Festival XII-Moscow-1985
Badge Festival XII-Moscow-1985

1957 went down in history as the year of domestic faleristics involvement of people in the ranks of collectors. Two events contributed to this: VI World Festival of Youth and Students, held late July - early August in Moscow, and the birth of a new space age, of which 4 October 1957, heralded the first artificial Earth satellite.

Of course, in 1957 nobody could have predicted that interest badges people take such an enormous and sustained, that after some ten or fifteen years there will need to study in detail each thumbnail, released at the time. Moscow Festival has left more than seven hundred titles badges, beating on their release all records of previous festivals.

During the festival badges were widespread and the most desired souvenirs darivshimisya in memory of the new meetings and acquaintances, in support of solidarity and friendship. Not surprisingly, contemporaries and participants of this wonderful holiday gifts wanted to save, and then attach them to the other, issued in honor of that event.

Festival movement - is not only an exchange of badges and souvenirs, colorful carnivals and songs. This is a powerful youth movement of the second half of XX century, organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, WFDY. Today, this movement has become an integral part of the world's democratic process. It involves millions of young men and women on all continents. The motto of the festival - "For peace and friendship!".

I Youth Festival held in July-August 1947 in Prague. More than 17 thousand young people from 71 countries demonstrated their commitment to him to fight against the war, their willingness to build a new just world. Two years later, the envoys met II festival capital of Hungary - Budapest, Berlin, Bucharest and Warsaw - the address of the third, fourth and fifth festivals.

Each of the five forums, in addition to the many memorable faleristicheskih miniatures, had his badge, emblem, which imprinted the main idea of ??the forum - peace and friendship.
Badge Prague festival boys and girls hands encircle the globe. Badge Budapest Festival logo of the World Federation of Democratic Youth: against the background of the world an open book, a hand with a burning torch and profiles of young men, representing the three human race.

Badge Berlin Festival in 1951 is designed as a globe, on which stand upright, holding hands, a girl and two boys. Crowned with the famous badge of the Dove by Pablo Picasso. In the center of Bucharest Festival IV badge depicted in dynamic pose boy and girl. Their hands over their soaring dove. Dove, shapes boys and girls are depicted as an badge, and V Festival, held in 1955 in Warsaw.

Most badges were issued in Moscow. Also in common with the views of the Kremlin, the architectural and memorial monuments of the capital, there are signs of large factories, mills, factories, theaters, art unions. Here stand the details of a plan that is associated with the main specialty of the company.

The characteristic color of the badge - blue, red and white. The combination of a pleasant eye-color palette as it complements the festive event. Sports Festival badges are not so great in number. They can be divided into two categories - premium and souvenir. In the most recent shows football, cycling, boxing, volleyball and other sports. By the award is a series of badges. As you know, every holiday party could get the badge of the first or second stage of a complex made certain exercises in running, jumping and other sports. These badges are chamomile, which is based on the shield with tape «VI Festival." In the center of daisies on a globe - a runner.

Big, beautiful badge white and blue racing judges were: circle in the form of a stylized globe with a diameter of 20 mm. In the center of the runner, to overcome obstacles. At the bottom of the ribbon with the inscription: "Judge."

Original two badges of the festival pupil "of the Moscow region. On one of them the inscription: "The most clever", on the other - "the most fun."

In the VI Festival in Moscow were also III International Youth Games. Emblem games - Roman Numeral «III» and its background of the starting runner. These games are also released more than a decade of service and souvenir badges. Each of them is the emblem of games and the inscription: "Guest", "User" "Judge," etc.

Badges winners of various competitions, usually hung to the slats of different configurations, blocks with the inscription: "Winner," "Winner of the festival." Most collectors do not limit their only meeting badges VI Festival, and collect materials and other forums for young people. And this is understandable, as the festival faleristics - full-blooded and quite an interesting topic.

Born in the capital of the Soviet Union became a daisy emblem of all subsequent festivals held later in Vienna, Helsinki, Sofia and Berlin. The German Democratic Republic - the birthplace of III festival held at Jubilee and X, which took place in 1973 Festival badges are very exciting topic, informative, and the plot has many faces. Each festival no matter what country he came, leaving behind a few dozen or even hundreds of badges of the host country.

This mass adjacent to the festival badges from other countries. After each delegation, riding to the festival, usually driven by an badge of their country, specially made for this event. Many delegations, particularly from the socialist countries, driven by several of them. At all festivals held since 1957, the Soviet delegation had several memorable badges.