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Alesha Popovich icon. Tales of icons
Icon Stone Flower. Tales of icons
Icon The Golden Cockerel, the film fairy tale. Tales of icons
The Badge Alyosha Popovich. Fairy tales badge
The Stone flower. Fairy tales badge
The Fairy tale about gold(en) cockerel, film fairy tale. Fairy tales badge

Kollekcionirovanie badge

Collectibles - purely personal hobby. But every person who uses them for collections acquisition, preparing it to be exhibited, and so is subject to public laws, regulations, established traditions of the collective and, finally, the regulations or requirements gathering. Passion for people collecting is not an idle pastime or fad. This is - a form of socially useful activity. This is - creativity, and the collection itself - sometimes the result of many years, hard but fascinating work, numerous searches, research.

And that was collecting qualified to create a memorable collection of badges, it is necessary to master the basics of collecting, a clear idea of what and how to collect, and how best to develop and express your chosen topic.

Badges are usually collected according to certain sections or topics. Collectors faleristami called badges. Phalars - a metal plaque, sign, which in ancient Rome, awarded Legion distinguished. In a narrow wash away the word "faleristics" - derived from the Greek Ta Falara, German Die Phaleren-meaning young auxiliary discipline of history, is engaged in the study of orders, medals and insignia. In the broadest sense of the word "faleristics" means collecting badges.