Badge dedicated to music in the Soviet era

Male Choir MiFi
The badge "Male Choir MiFi"
150 years Tchaikovsky

MiFi is a purely male choir, it includes MEPI alumni and students.

MEPI - is the chorus of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, established in the mid-1950s, during the rise among students of artistic activity. This is an amateur choir in Russia. The choir is a laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize in 1977, as well as the winners of Russian and international competitions. The choir Conservatory graduates capable choirmaster.

The repertoire of the MEPI western and Russian classics, works by contemporary composers, as well as folk songs and patriotic Soviet times.

Breastplate or badge. Token or coin

Collectors sometimes argue that it is a token, a sign or badge? What is meant by the words "badge"? The dictionary of Russian Vladimir Dal written Badge (French medal), Penyaz, Sheleg or just coin embossed on the memory of an event to hand out. "The word "badge" means a metal sign, badge therefore can not be made from glass or wood, paper or plastic, ceramics and so on.

In the "Dictionary of Russian Language", compiled SIOzhegov, token is defined as a circle of metal badge issued as a prize for a contest, in memory of an event to its participants, and so on.. In everyday life "tokens" are called metal plate round, oval and other shapes, replacing the coins in the subway, vending machines, gambling houses, and so on. d. "tokens" is called as a certain kind of badges in the sport.

In conventional dictionaries SIOzhegov and VI Dahl word "badge" and "sign" without defining "breastplate" explained differently. If both authors are unanimous in applying the word "sign" in relation to the Order, the word "badge" Dahl said the diminutive from the word "sign" in all its meanings. Even in the Great Encyclopedia is no separation as a "badge" and "lapel badge."