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One of the greatest generals of World War II in 1812 was Mikhail Bogdanovich Barclay - de - Tolly. Barclay's parents were Scots living in the Baltics. At age 15 he began his service, and within two years became the cornet. For bravery in the battle he was given the rank of Major and received the first award. The young officer quickly moved to the service. During the war of 1812 he was wounded. Recovered and fought in the war against the Swedes, rose to the rank of general.

Here is a partial list of his awards:
The Order of St. Andrew, a complete gentleman Gergiev awards, the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds, the Order of St. Anne 1st st., Gold cross for the capture of Ochakov, gold cross for Preussisch Eyslau and many more...

Mihail Bogdanovich Barclay de Tarred roofing paper