Space badge theme in Soviet faleristics

Badge «Mars1»
The Badge Y.A. Gagarin 1961
Badge «Mars1»
Badge Y.A. Gagarin 1961
Badge Yuriy Gagarin
Twice hero of the SOVIET UNION Silver A.A

Space faleristics in the USSR

It is believed that contemporaries slowly make sense of events that they witness that they are required to assess the time. Perhaps this is so. But the Space Age, which began in October 1957, contemporaries immediately appreciated. Almost every flight satellite "Vostok", "Sunrise" was accompanied by release of postage stamps, postcards, desktop medals, badges.

Hot on the heels of Space Odyssey rushed collectors, adding to his collection of new themes. "Space" as the subject became one of the first places. In the years past since then, only the badges on the space theme produced more than 1,000 items. The abundance of collection material, of course, it requires analysis and classification. Without claiming to be exhaustive, let us make a brief overview of the issued badges, consider the most interesting of them. What are the signs include the concept of "Cosmos"? Many adherents etoi fascinating topics referred to it all the badges on which there is mention or image of any "space" components: missiles, the orbits of celestial bodies, etc., etc. There are in use, the term "cosmic symbolism" . In contrast to the latter distinction is made between 'pure space', which includes badges with the dates of launches, with portraits of the astronauts, images of specific satellites, ships, honesty and other aircraft.

A few words about what is the symbolism. The word "symbolism" of Greek origin. It means a conventional sign, omen, a symbol of a concept. In the fine arts are widely used symbolic images and symbols. For example, the emblem of "Hammer and Sickle" in the ornament symbolically represent the idea of ??an alliance of the working class and peasantry. Picture of a dove is a symbol of all the peoples of the world.

At the Pioneer organization of Lenin Red symbols are the Pioneer standard, Pioneer tie, badge, "always ready". This symbolism has helped pioneer education for love and selfless devotion to the Communist Party and the socialist motherland, the Soviet patriotism and proletarian internationalism.

The symbols are the images of space satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and various monuments and obelisks, the conquerors of the cosmos, the celestial bodies, etc.

There is no need to prove how interesting badges with emblems. They can serve as the perfect backdrop for exhibitions, events on specific space. Moreover, the cosmic symbolism of the badges you can create interesting special exhibitions. For example, the "Logos of different companies, institutions, firms," ??"revolutionary badges holidays with space logos", etc.